About Us

Our Mission

Wave aims to streamline an accessible and personalized way of finding a mental health specialist. Opening up about mental health can be challenging, but through Wave, users can find someone to meet their needs while maintaining privacy.

"Nearly one-third of Americans have worried about others judging them [for seeking] mental health services...This stigma is particularly true for younger Americans, who are more likely to have worried about others judging them (i.e. 49% Gen Z vs. 40% Millennials vs. 30% Gen X vs. 20% Boomers)" (National Council for Behavioral Health)

"While most Americans have heard of telehealth as an option for treating mental health issues, only 7% have reported using it. When asked if they would be open to using it, almost half of Americans who have not already tried telehealth services said they would be open to the idea" (National Council for Behavioral Health)